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Stefanie Graefe is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Sociology, Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Her focus in research and teaching is on political sociology and the sociological analysis of the present era. She is particularly interested in the connection between subjectivity and neoliberal governmentality in contemporary capitalism. She recently published “The Discreet Charm of Catastrophe. Vulnerability, Resilience, and Critique in the Era of Multiple Crises”, in: Sebastian Eduardo Dávila et al. (eds.), On Withdrawal—Scenes of Refusal, Disappearance, and Resilience in Art and Cultural Practices, Zürich 2024, pp. 279-296.

Research Field

Political Sociology


Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Department of Sociology

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Stefanie Graefe

Stefanie Graefe

Principal Investigator (Sociology)

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