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Mitchell Dean is a political sociologist and Professor of Public Governance at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. During the summer term 2023, he is joining the Research Unit on Voluntariness as a Mercator Fellow. He locates his research at the intersection of political sociology and social theory. From a perspective guided by governmentality studies, his work addresses questions of government of societies, concepts and approaches to power and sovereignty, and practices of truth production in social and political thinking in the present and recent past. Among his numerous publications, the most important are the reference work on Governmentality: power and rule in modern society (Sage, 2010, 2nd & rev. ed.) and The Last Man Takes LSD: Foucault and the end of revolution (Verso, 2021, with Daniel Zamora).

Research Field

Political Sociology


Copenhagen Business School

Department of Business Humanities and Law

Mitchell Dean

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