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Gifty Nyame Tabiri is a Doctoral Research Associate at the Chair of Global History, University of Erfurt, and Co-Investigator in the Research Unit on Voluntariness. Her project focuses on voluntariness, gender and citizenship in (post)colonial Ghana. Gifty studied psychology with sociology and public policy in Accra and Erfurt. She worked on projects that focused on the (post)colonial history of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This led to her academic interest in (historical) gender studies and (post)colonial Africa. Gifty is author of the article “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Gender Parity and Ghanaian Politics.”

Research Field

Global History

History of Africa


University of Erfurt

Department of History

Gifty Nyame Tabiri

Co-Investigator (Global History)

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Pia Herzan

Member Research Unit from 2020 to 2024