On the Importance of Complicity – Panel Discussion with Historians

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022 from 6 – 8 pm, we will address the topic of voluntariness in the context of participation in National Socialist crimes. We cordially invite you to a panel discussion at the “Topf & Sons – Builders of the Auschwitz Ovens Place of Rememberance” in Erfurt. On behalf of the DFG-Research Unit on Voluntariness Christiane Kuller and Elena M. E. Kiesel from the project “Voluntariness and Dictatorship” welcome three guests to the panel:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Lindenberger

Hannah-Arendt-Institute for Totalitarism Studies | Technische Universität Dresden

PD Dr. Annegret Schüle

Chief Curator of the Topf & Sons – Builders of the Auschwitz Ovens Place of Rememberance | Erfurt

Prof. Dr. Jens-Christian Wagner

Director of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Momorials Foundation | FSU Jena

The discussion is inspired by questions that historians and politics of memory already critically address: What historical responsibility falls to employees whose everyday work made crimes against thousands of concentration camp prisoners possible? Were they or, for example, the craftsman building a camp at the same time participants in National Socialist crimes? Yet, questions like these also stimulate critical reflection on voluntariness as a historical category.

We expect an exciting debate and look forward to comments from the audience!

Please register for the event via fsj.topfundsoehne@erfurt.de

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What Else Is New?

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Since December 2022, Mara Albrecht is holding our “Initialization Sholarship Voluntariness”.  For at least one year Mara will be part of our team and will be developing a new project on the global history of voluntariness.

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On Saturday, November 19, 2022, Markus from the subproject “Martyrdom and Voluntariness” presents aspects of his PhD-project at the conference “Verzicht. Mediävistische Perspektiven” in Berlin and will reflect on dying voluntarily and renunciation.