Please Note! – Lecture by Maud Simonet ONLINE

On Wednesday, May 18 2022, we invite you to our fourth talk of the lecture series “The Politics of Voluntariness”. The talk by Maud Simonet from the University of Paris Nanterre, however, will take place digitally only!

We are very much looking forward to Prof. Maud Simonet’s talk on “Exploitation of Volunteers? From Research Questions to Questioning Categories” and to continuing our discussions revolving around perspectives on voluntariness. However, the talk will be held exclusively via Webex. Unfortunately, Maud Simonet is unable to travel to Erfurt and so we are switching to the online format.

Your are cordially invited to participate digitally at the usual time of 6-8pm (c.t.). Just follow the link below to our digital lecture room. There is no registration necessary.

Digital Lecture Room

Programm Lecture Series

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What Else Is New?

Voluntariness On Tour – What Was it Like to Be a “Neuerer”?

On Friday, September 30, 2022, Elena and Christiane from the subproject “Voluntariness and Dictatorship” invite former “Neuerer” in the GDR to talk about their personal experiences. We are hosting an event called “Bürgerforum” and looking forward meeting you in Eisenach!

Poster "Woche des Neuerers/Planmäßig Rationalisieren"

Voluntariness On Tour – Our Project on the “Neuererwesen” in Jena

On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, Elena from the subproject “Voluntariness and Dictatorship” is invited to give a talk at the Historical Institute at Jena University. We are looking forward to her presentation and to hear about some new aspects of her fascinating research!

Voluntariness On The Road – June 21 & 22

In June 2022, the subproject “Voluntariness as Political Practice” welcomes distinguished American scholars in Erfurt and beyond. Deirdre Cooper Owens (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Van Gosse (Franklin & Marshall College), guests of next week’s workshop, will visit also Freiburg, Heidelberg and Bonn.