Voluntariness 2.0 – Local and Global Perspectives

We Embark on Phase Two!

Over the last few years, key fields of sociopolitical activity have reaffirmed our initial observation in 2019: Voluntariness is a driving force of social and political practice in contemporary societies and a key mode of governing. Whether we think of the coronavirus pandemic, flight and migration, global warming and its consequences, demands for restitution against the background of colonialism or the appeals and demands confronting workers in late capitalism: voluntary action and voluntary commitment are constantly being presented as crucial desiderata.

Seven new or continuing projects take up this fundamental assessment and will shape the new focus of the research unit’s second funding phase. April 2024 has been the official kick-off for another three years of voluntariness research, funded by the German Research Foundation. All sub-projects will begin in the course of the summer semester 2024 and will focus on global and (post)colonial issues and case studies. The conceptual work of the group will once again deal with local as well as globalized conditions of voluntary action. At the same time, we will ask about the normative dimension of voluntariness as an ethical category, i.e. elaborating further on the antnomic structure of voluntariness and relate to self-management practices for instance.

On June 3, 2024, we will take stock of the first funding phase, set new objectives for phase two and explore future collaborations. At our “Research Day Voluntariness”, we will relate the work from phases one and two to each other and link our questions to projects outside the group. All those interested are cordially invited to our all-day program and an evening lecture by Jule Govrin!

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Research Day Voluntariness

What Else Is New?

Research Day Voluntariness

On June 3, 2024, we invite fellow researchers to discuss voluntariness as focus of their research and compare goals and challenges of their projects. The research day will start at 10 am with a casual welcome into a full-day program, completed by an evening lecture by philosopher Jule Govrin.

We are Hiring…Join our Team!

A position as research assistant within the Research Unit on “Voluntariness” is available at the University of Erfurt. Historians specializing in the field of North American History may apply by May 4, 2024, at the latest.