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Voluntariness and Love

By Christian Bock

What is voluntariness? Difficult to answer, but perhaps some brief observations in light of the ideas of Harry G. Frankfurt might help. On desires, love and voluntariness.

Who Dat in Lower Nine?

By Pia Herzan

Seventeen years ago hurricane Katrina had shown that man-made and natural disasters pose a particular risk to the vulnerable city of New Orleans. This post will take a closer look at New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, Katrina’s aftermath and the role voluntariness played in it.

Voluntariness, Positive Action, and Neo-Colonialism

By Carolyn Taratko

On April 7, 1960, African leaders from across the continent converged on Accra to attend the conference on “Positive Action for Peace and Security in Africa.” In the shadow of the Sharpeville Massacre and French…